Where did my Consents go?

“Are explicit consents mandatory online in the US and in EU?”

ChatGPT: Key Points:

  • US: Explicit consent is not broadly mandated except in specific contexts (e.g., children’s data, sale of personal data in California).
  • EU: Explicit consent is required for most data processing activities, ensuring greater user control and privacy protection.

Can my Explicit Consent be given to a website I don’t know via a partnership listed in the options when my consent is asked for?

ChatGPT: Yes, your explicit consent can be given to a website you don’t directly know via a partnership listed in the consent options. When you provide consent on a website that uses a Consent Management Platform (CMP), you are often consenting not just to the primary website’s use of cookies and data processing, but also to those of their listed partners. Here’s how it works:

How Consent is Shared with Partners

  1. Consent Management Platforms (CMPs):
    • CMPs are used to manage and collect user consent for cookies and data processing on behalf of the primary website and its partners.
    • When you give consent via a CMP, you are shown a list of third-party partners who will also receive your data and cookies. This list is typically accessible through the privacy settings or detailed in the consent dialog.
  2. Partnerships and Shared Consent:
    • The partners listed in the CMP can include a range of third-party service providers, such as advertisers, analytics companies, and technology partners.
    • By consenting to cookies and data processing on the primary website, you are also consenting to these third parties processing your data as described.
  3. Transparency and Information:
    • Websites using CMPs are required by regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to provide clear and comprehensive information about who their partners are and what they will do with the data.
    • Users can usually see a detailed list of partners and sometimes adjust their preferences for each partner individually.

How is that possible? I thought personal data privacy was the focus on many laws and browsers behaviors?

Yes. 3rd party data were under the spotlight and their end has been many times announced.

The ones allowing your Consents to be send elsewhere are the Second-party cookies.

ChatGPT: Here is the table with the columns and lines flipped, showing only the Definition and Usage:

Zero-Party CookiesUser-provided data (e.g., preferences)Personalization, direct marketing
ConsentPlace (Rewarding Zero-Party Data)User-provided data with rewards for consentPersonalization, direct marketing, engagement
First-Party CookiesCookies set by the visited siteWebsite functionality, analytics
Second-Party CookiesFirst-party cookies shared with partnersData sharing between trusted partners
Third-Party CookiesCookies set by third-party domainsCross-site tracking, targeted advertising

What to do? Refuse sharing your consent with partners listed in the options

Example in the USA:

Note: Our goal is here is to show examples, not to shame any businesses, this is why we’re not naming them.

[A cosmetics company website access] > Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information / Cookies Settings

This link is next to: “This website uses cookies to enhance user experience and to analyze performance and traffic on our website. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Privacy PolicyTerms of Use”

Click, for example, on “Targeting Cookies”

Interestingly, Active are on by default. Click on “Cookies Details” and scroll to TikTok.com “View Cookies”

Did you know visiting [this site] could, should you accept, share your information with TikTok?

Example in France:

[ A supermarket chain website access] > Parametrer

Scroll and watch the number of “fournisseurs” (partners).
We counted 305 out of which 131 are “always active”. Whatever you say…

Do people understand all this about their data and their privacy?

56% don’t read the privacy policies (source)

And it’s not getting any better:
Between 2019 and 2023, from 63% to 72% understand very little/not at all privacy laws (source):

81% are concerned about the use of their data (source)

What to do now?

This is why we created ConsentPlace: For total respect of the data that You agree to share. Without confusion, with complete confidence.

So, create an account on ConsentPlace and tell your favorite brands and websites to contact us to provide a Rewarding Zero Party Cookies solution, ethical, rewarding and transparent for yourself.

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