VivaTech and ConsentPlace.

by Luc Julia.

VivaTech, an XXL show.

Last month VivaTech 2024 saw over 165,000 visitors walking its aisles, looking for groundbreaking products and the latest tech trends presented by hundreds of heavyweight companies and 13,500 startups from 120 countries. The networking possibilities were endless. All the companies, large and small, had the chance to connect with over 2,000 investors and build business relationships across more than 25 business sectors.

Real world, Implicit consents.

Because of its scale, Vivatech needs to provide attendees with a survival guide that includes tips on utilizing the mobile app, planning stand visits, and preparing a map for efficient navigation at the event. For the regular visitors, it’s a big, big show with lots of things to discover, to see, to try, to touch…That’s what these big in person gatherings are all about. When one walks into a stand, starts a conversation, she or he is giving her or his implicit consent to be shown stuff, to be bombarded with all the messages that are necessary to understand what they’re looking at. 

Virtual world, Explicit consents.

The virtual world is several orders of magnitude bigger. There, one needs to give his or her explicit consent to receive promotions, information, etc., about a product or a service. Until now there wasn’t any easy way to do so. Because of all different laws and juridictions it’s often at best confusing but mostly bothersome.

ConsentPlace is here to fix that. By giving your online self, soon, the ability to easily declare what you are interested in through a very simple and short conversation with an AI. ConsentPlace then guides you to define your best possible private profile that will spark the interest of only a few good matches which you’ll be happy to hear from.

That makes it even simpler than what these thousands of visitors experienced at Vivatech when they wanted to try the latest products from the very popular L’Oréal or LVMH stands, because with ConsentPlace you don’t even have to look for them, to make these long lines, they’ll simply come to you!

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