Now, Own, and Earn from, Your Customer Consent.

ConsentPlace, an innovative startup in the field of customer consent, today announces the official launch of its revolutionary platform that seamlessly manages and monetizes users’ consent for the use of their contact data. In today’s digital age, privacy has become a crucial issue for individuals and businesses alike. ConsentPlace responds to this need by offering… Continue reading Now, Own, and Earn from, Your Customer Consent.

The ConsentPlace Process.

ConsentPlace is the marketplace for Customer Consent. The process is super simple: Once your account is created and active with your profile, interests and your price… …Buyers, Brands and/or Agencies, searching for your profile will query ConsentPlace and buy Consents within their budget. Shall your account be of interest, you will then be notified and… Continue reading The ConsentPlace Process.

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Introducing the First Consent Marketplace.

The Problem:Internet needs Consent. Internet needs Advertising… Advertising needs Context… Context needs to respect Consent.¬†Bottom line: Internet needs (Explicit) Consent! What People say about Consent: (source) The Solution:Own and Monetize Your Consent. The Value:Traditional Cost per Lead Average Cost per Lead is $198… and with Explicit Consent?(source) The Model:A Consent Marketplace. Everybody wins. The Process:On… Continue reading Introducing the First Consent Marketplace.