ConsentPlace’s 3Ps: Profile, Price and PayOut!

Here’s a summary of the whole ConsentPlace process for our users to own and monetize their Explicit Consent:

1. Your Profile

First step is the create your account. 3 super easy steps to enter your contacts and what interest you by the selection of a classification (we use the 1st level of Google’s taxonomy), your favorite brands and keywords and your favorite social apps. You can also complete your phone number and street address to increase your chances of selection by a Brand or its Agency.

Note: You can edit or modify your profile at all time.

2. Your Price

The price you set for your profile is entirely up to you.

As a reminder, ConsentPlace does not take a dime on that price. All fees are paid by the Brand or its Agency who did select your profile.

Note: Same operations with Brands will offer Gift Cards which will be offered to you that may not be linked with the price in cash your set your Explicit Consent for.

3. Your Payout

If and when your profile has been selected for the first time by a Brand or its Agency, you will receive this kind of email from ConsentPlace to complete your account with our payment partner, here, Stripe. After this first time, money will be directly credited.

Note: Stripe might be replaced by another payment method and the compensation might be in gift cards depending of the Brand.

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