Our “Consentization” Program for Brands and Agencies.

Is it a good idea to convert your prospect database?

We asked ChatGPT: “In the US, Is converting your prospect database to Explicit Consent a good idea?” (try this prompt)

Here is the unedited answer: Converting your prospect database to explicit consent in the United States is generally a good idea, especially considering the increasing emphasis on data privacy and protection

Introducing our Consentization Program for Brands/Agencies!

We created this program to help Brands and their Agencies migrate their Prospect and Customer databases to an Explicit Consent database.

The program is as simple as 1-2-3:

1/ Brand to User

The Brand (or its Agency) sends, on its behalf, an email to its prospects or customers offering compensation, in cash or gift cards, in exchange for their explicit consent to be contacted by the Brand. This is ethical and transparent.

ConsentPlace plays the role of trusted third party.

2/ User to ConsentPlace

The email sent by the Brand has a button to benefit from the offer which takes them to ConsentPlace to create their account and receive their compensation. Account creation is made easier by pre-filling certain fields such as Interests, brands, etc.

At the end of this account creation, the User is credited with the promised amount, in cash (via Stripe) or in a gift card depending on the choice of the Brand.

3/ ConsentPlace to Brand

ConsentPlace provides the Brand with the information of the User accounts created. The Brand will legally use this information for 60 days (or else depending on operations).

This program is available, for now, in France and the USA.

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