ConsentPlace: Top 3 Posts for Users and Brands.

Looking for a quick summary of the Top 3 Posts for Users and Brands to use ConsentPlace? Here they are: For Users: Post #1. The First Consent Marketplace. Summary: This post discusses the vital need for explicit internet consent, revealing: This approach addresses consent issues by empowering users and providing a transparent exchange mechanism for… Continue reading ConsentPlace: Top 3 Posts for Users and Brands.

Consentization Programs for Brands.

Why do brands need to recruit Explicit Consents in the US? ChatGPT’s answer (unedited):“In the US, brands need to recruit explicit consents for several compelling reasons, rooted in legal compliance, consumer trust, and operational effectiveness. Here’s a breakdown of these reasons: Legal Compliance Consumer Trust Operational Effectiveness Ethical Considerations Adaptation to Evolving Laws In summary,… Continue reading Consentization Programs for Brands.

Our “Consentization” Program for Brands and Agencies.

Is it a good idea to convert your prospect database? We asked ChatGPT: “In the US, Is converting your prospect database to Explicit Consent a good idea?” (try this prompt) Here is the unedited answer: Converting your prospect database to explicit consent in the United States is generally a good idea, especially considering the increasing… Continue reading Our “Consentization” Program for Brands and Agencies.