PR: ConsentPlace and Charitips Partner to Convert the Value of Your Personal Data into Charitable Acts.

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Title: ConsentPlace and Charitips Partner to Convert the Value of Your Personal Data into Charitable Acts.

Date: Friday, February 23, 2024

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at redefining the value of digital consent, ConsentPlace, a pioneer in valuing consent between users and their trusted brands, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Charitips, a Donation-as-a-Service® solution enabling businesses to enhance their value proposition by integrating donation mechanisms into their product. This unique collaboration will allow ConsentPlace users to donate their earnings generated by brands in exchange for their explicit consent, marking a revolutionary step in how personal data can serve the common good.

A New Era for Digital Consent

ConsentPlace, known for its commitment to protecting user privacy while providing complete transparency on how their data is used, takes a step further by enabling users to contribute to noble causes. Through this partnership with Charitips, users now have the option to redirect the revenue obtained from lending their consent to charities rigorously selected by Charitips.

How Does It Work?

For now available in France only, ConsentPlace users will be able to choose to participate in this initiative by selecting the donation option in their consent management interface. Once activated, any compensation generated by their explicit consent to partner brands will automatically be donated to their charity of choice from a pre-established list with Charitips. This approach not only offers a new source of funding for charities but also strengthens awareness and social responsibility in the digital ecosystem.

A Lasting Impact

This partnership is part of a shared vision to promote positive social impact through the ethical use of personal data. ConsentPlace and Charitips are determined to provide a solution that not only respects the user’s will but also encourages a culture of generosity and mutual support.

About ConsentPlace

Dubbed “The Airbnb of Consent,” ConsentPlace allows users to directly value the use of their personal data with trusted brands and set the desired price for the use of their explicit consent by brands or agencies representing them.

About Charitips

After creating the first charitable gift card to support French associations, Charitips stands out as the technological and financial infrastructure enabling companies to easily offer donation functionalities to their stakeholders. Their all-in-one solution allows companies to create personalized charitable experiences and manage them from A to Z, from auditing associations to managing financial flows, to measuring impact.

For more information, please contact:

For ConsentPlace:
Freddy Mini

For Charitips:
Maxime Quillévéré

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