Your Consent Price? This study says $15-$100*.

In September 2014, LoudHouse and Orange published “the future of digital trust, A European study on the nature of consumer trust and personal data”

In this study, we can read in this chapter:

Consumer relationships with organisations impact data value

Another factor that affects the value assigned to personal data is consumers’ relationship with the organisations they share their data with. […] the average perceived value of each data item is higher when shared with an unfamiliar organisation, compared with a company that the consumer knows and has a relationship with. On average, consumers value their data 20 percent higher when asked to share with a company they do not have a relationship with compared to one they have done business with in the past (€18.52 vs. €15.46, respectively)”

* $100 correspond to the data of first and last name, date of birth, mobile number, full address, email for an unfamiliar organization.

Of course, this value applies each time data are shared by a brand or an agency. This is the reason ConsentPlace sets the default price of your consent at 15€/$15.

A relationship requested by Internet users and buyers!

According to this other study from Marketing Charts from February 2020:

70% of Internet users are ready to share their data if there is remuneration and 94% of marketers wish to pay for sharing this data!

So, what are you waiting for? Up to you:

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