Introducing the First Consent Marketplace.

The Problem:
Internet needs Consent.

Internet needs Advertising
Advertising needs Context
Context needs to respect Consent. 
Bottom line: Internet needs (Explicit) Consent!

What People say about Consent:

  • 81% feels little control over data collected
  • 83% willing to share if transparency on usage
  • 71% consumers willing to share if compensation
  • 94% marketing execs agree data collection should be compensated.


The Solution:
Own and Monetize Your Consent.

  1. Own and Control Your Customer Consent
    by defining your Interests
  2. Set Your Price
    for Brands/Ad Agencies to use your consent
  3. Earn Real Money 
    and Get what matters to You

The Value:
Traditional Cost per Lead

Average Cost per Lead is $198… and with Explicit Consent?

The Model:
A Consent Marketplace.

  • Users offer Consent based on Interests 
  • Brands/Ads buy targeted Users with Consent.
    All secured by Smart Contracts. 
  • ConsentPlace charges Buyers a fee for 60 days use.
    No fee, no charge for users.

Everybody wins.

  • Users control their Consent, get Ads of interest and are compensated with real Money.
  • Brands/Agencies keep Brands safe by addressing prospects/users with Express Consent.
  • Sales forces get Leads with Consent.

The Process:
On the User side:

  • Create, Edit, Update Profile:
    Contact infos, Interests via taxonomy/keywords. 
  • Decide how much.
  • Trigger money withdrawals. Access transactions history.

On the Buyer side:

  • Query profiles.
  • Accept and Pay bids.
  • Get (only) Contacts.

The Founding Team:

Freddy Mini, CEO

Serial Entrepreneur. Netvibes (sold to Dassault Systemes). TrustedOut (sold to DemandScience).


Luc Julia, CTO

Chief Scientist Officer, Renault. WW Chief Technology Officer, Samsung. Siri, co-author, Apple.


Gregory Renard, CPO

Head of Applied AI, Former ‘French President National AI Strategy’ Advisor, Frontier Dev. Lab AI Tech Comm.  NASA.AI


Jeremy Meissner, Lead Dev

Chief Technology Officer, Tidaka. Full Stack Developer Norsia, CFPTI, HEPIA, 42 Lausanne.


ConsentPlace user?

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