Brand experience feedback with ConsentPlace.

Our client, SportiHome, agreed to share their experience with ConsentPlace. Here are some elements about this campaign which has just ended…

What the figures say:

With ConsentPlace: 44% of the emails sent were opened, compared to the usual 15% without ConsentPlace, which is a performance three times better!

Nearly 7 out of 10 people called answer the phone when SportiHome calls them. This is 25% better even compared to SportiHome’s own lists!

All conversations are courteous and no one complains about unsolicited calls (spam) as evidenced by a user below.

SportiHome is a platform for booking sports vacations. Thus, they differentiate between potential renters and potential landlords. During the calls, two-thirds of ConsentPlace users were qualified as potential renters…

…and more than twice as many landlords of their properties, which increases the rental inventory of SportiHome!

What the Brand and Users tell us:

The Brand, SportiHome:

“When we discovered ConsentPlace, we immediately thought it was what was missing for our sales teams. When we call the qualified leads bought on Consent Place, we are greeted with a lot of kindness; people appreciate that we introduce our offer to them with their consent. We are convinced that the brand image of a digital company also goes through acquisition respecting the rules of the art. Gone are the reviews like: site to ban, unsolicited contact, spam machine, etc.”

Sylvain MOREL, COO and Co-founder, SportiHome.

The users:

“The fact of being contacted by SportiHome via ConsentPlace immediately changed the dynamics of the conversation: it was no longer an almost automatic and impersonal call trying to sell me some kind of ‘soup’, but a constructive and instructive exchange, in trust.”

Fabrice Neuman, a user of ConsentPlace.

Note: Neither the brand nor the user mentioned here are linked with ConsentPlace. The quotes were written by them and are published with their consent.

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