ConsentPlace’s Media Week.

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Just once, we wanted to share 2 moments from last week for ConsentPlace in the media.


Click on the screen or here to watch this interview (French subtitled in English)

Summary of this interview (Credits ChatGPT):

In this interview, Freddy Mini, President and co-founder of ConsentPlace, discusses his latest entrepreneurial venture. With a background in tech and music, including projects like Netvibes and MusicMe, Mini now focuses on ConsentPlace, a platform revolving around personal data and user consent. He explains that the internet relies on advertising, which in turn needs context for effectiveness. Without context, advertising becomes spam. ConsentPlace aims to ethically use personal data with user consent, rewarding users for sharing their information. The model, described as the “Airbnb of Consent,” allows users to control what data they share and set a price for it. Brands can then ethically access those data, leading to more effective communication and advertisements. Users are paid upfront, incentivizing engagement and ensuring the data’s relevance. ConsentPlace operates with strict adherence to data protection regulations like RGPD and CCPA, ensuring user data is handled responsibly.

Too Good To Grow

Click on the image or here to listen to the podcast. (in French)

Summary of this interview (Credits ChatGPT):

In the podcast “Too Good to Grow” hosted by Florent Guyennon, co-founder of The Machinery, Freddy Mini, former CEO of Netvibes and co-founder of ConsentPlace explores the intersection between economic activity and meaningful impact. Mini talks about changing user expectations around personal data privacy and regulations such as GDPR. It highlights the changing landscape of online advertising, including the decline of third-party cookies and traditional tracking methods.

Mini presents ConsentPlace, a platform developed with AI specialists, Luc Julia and Grégory Renard, and the young coding prodigy, Jérémy Messner, without forgetting Jean-Pierre Levieux for the French market. This platform aims to revolutionize online advertising by paying consumers directly for targeted advertisements, while respecting their consent and the confidentiality of their data. Mini emphasizes the importance of context in advertising, the need for user consent and the ethical dimensions of the use of personal data. It envisions a future where personal data is valued and used ethically, in line with regulatory trends and consumer preferences. The podcast highlights the changing dynamics of digital advertising and the growing importance of ethical practices in the industry.

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