Convert the Value of Your Personal Data into Charitable Acts.

We announced it on February 23rd via this press release:

A New Era for Digital Consent

ConsentPlace, known for its commitment to protecting user privacy while providing complete transparency on how their data is used, takes a step further by enabling users to contribute to noble causes. Through this partnership with Charitips, users now have the option to redirect the revenue obtained from lending their consent to charities rigorously selected by Charitips.”

It’s now live in France.
It will be available in the US in a couple of weeks. But we couldn’t wait to share how it works…

It will be super simple:

At step (2) of the value chosen for your consent to the use of your personal data:

  • Check the “Solidarity Option” box (see below)
  • Choose the charity of your choice
  • Click on “Next” (which becomes active only if you have checked “I give my explicit consent for” 🙂

And there you go!
(Charities below are for illustration only)

Will 100% of my donation go to the charity of my choice?

Of course! Neither ConsentPlace nor Charitips takes any fees from its users. So yes, 100% of the money requested, if a brand selects you, will go to the charity of your choice.

Your consent, Your choice, Your donation.

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